Yokan is a 29 year old IT manager/Accountant/Guitarist/Video Gamer/Investor/shitty programmer/Dog dad/Runner who now writes about his pursuit of happiness, wealth, and purpose.

I studied Accounting in Texas, then worked as a CPA in various capacities for about 5 years and then went into a weird IT role after automating my accounting job. I was married at one point to a Teacher who had a tendency towards spontaneity.

My goal is to retire from real work in 2023 in order to start a family/ travel the world. I don’t anticipate any huge windfalls or an inheritance. I just want the damn freedom to choose how I live life and have formulated a plan to execute it. I dabbled in rental properties, but now I primarily invest in index funds.

This blog will be a therapeutic activity for me. I mainly want to document my mindset as I finish my journey. I’ve found that I’ve often become fixated on the destination rather than the journey. I’ve made it quite a ways through my wealth goal, but significant work remains in seeking the happiness and purpose I need. I hope others can learn from my mistakes and use my anecdotal experience to better their own lives.

Too often I find myself like a dog chasing a car with no idea what to do when I catch it. While I’ve reallocated my attention towards the amazing goal of financial independence, I’ve failed at building a worthwhile life in the process. I’ve lost a marriage and a sense of identity when I failed to actualize what I wanted out of life. I think it’s easy to get lost in the pursuit of material goods, status, love, or even financial independence.

It seems like our society fosters this type of behavior with clever marketing, social ostracization for deviating from the social scripts we’ve decided that people must go through at certain points in their lives. It’s no wonder that we’re surprised that achieving these social milestones don’t make us happy. We get that temporary dopamine rush, but then we’re left wanting more. I want to break free of that!

So I decided to start this blog to share some of my experience as I move forward. There are plenty of personal finance blogs that talk about the mechanics of how to achieve financial independence, but what do you do once you get there? How do you enjoy life along the way? Can you create a better life without spending more? Is spending some money required to seek out that happiness? My own pursuit of financial independence did not go the way I was expecting, but I’m eager to continue the journey and share the landmine locations as I step on them.

This is where I’m at:


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